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Inside the membership, our latest Q&A was with Jenna Kutcher.
The marketer, podcaster, educator, and author of new bestselling book 'How are you, really?' shared how she built her 7-figure empire, and wrote her first book, all whilst raising a family.

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want to ask a marketing expert and instagram influencer about your business?

Jenna Kutcher

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Welcome to The PR and Marketing Club 

The PR and Marketing Club is an online membership for business founders who want to grow their brand. It is the only membership that offers access to a comprehensive PR and Marketing portal and delivery of a monthly business book.


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Do your PR, with an expert by your side

The truth is, it does for most business founders. Until they see how simple it is to share their story with journalists and influencers. Hiring a PR agency could cost you upwards of £2000+ a month. Not to mention the retainer required to see consistent coverage. The Club offers an affordable way to do your own PR, whilst being supported by a PR expert.

does getting media coverage feel like an unrealistic goal?

You want to secure media coverage for your business but don't know how to start.

You want advice from a media expert. Someone by your side to help you along the way, and tell you who to contact and how to write a pitch.

You spend ages trying to find journalist contact details and just want to access them in one easy to navigate list.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The PR and Marketing Club is an online membership for business founders who want to use PR and Marketing to grow their business. 

use pr and marketing to grow your business and find more customers, with an expert by your side. 

The PR & Marketing Club


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Have you been struggling to promote your business? It can be hard to find the time to do it all. And here's the truth - you don't need too! In the PR and Marketing Club you will learn how to grow your business using practical PR and Marketing strategies.  

The Club will become your online home and community anytime you are feeling "stuck" or need direct and practical PR and Marketing help for your business. With weekly support and easy to follow training, you will always feel supported. 

The complete PR & Marketing membership

your membership

Every month we invite a guest expert to join us in the Club. These experts are leaders in their industry and hand-picked to deliver an exclusive masterclass just for Club members. 

The best part? You will get the chance to ask questions about your business and receive real time feedback. Our masterclasses focus on practical training to help you easily action what you learn. No sales fluff, just clear and focussed advice to help you confidently move forwards in your business. 

Expert Marketing Masterclasses

learn from the best

We all know how lovely it is to receive mail (well unless it's a bill!). With the Club, you will get happy mail in the form of a business or self-development book sent directly to your door every month. 

Supporting your business doesn't just come in the form of online training and resources. I want to get to the heart of your challenges and help solve them. Being a huge bookworm, I'm always sharing book recommendations with my business friends. I've found some of my greatest insights and learnings in books, and this monthly delivery will allow you to do the same. Every month you will be sent a popular hand-picked non-fiction book to read and enjoy in your own time. Then have a chat about the book in the Club community.

A book delivery every month

special delivery!

One of the most popular parts of the Club (for obvious reasons) is the contacts database. Imagine how simple PR would be if you could search and find the right email address with the click of a button. 

Enjoy instant access to hundreds of email address from local, national and international media channels. All you have to do is send the email! 

The contacts you need

finding the right people

Here's what's included

You will receive a business or self-development book handpicked by me, delivered direct to your door. These books will be purposefully chosen to help you consider elements of your business and mindset, to help you move forwards with your business in a way that suits you.

Business Book Delivery

Always struggling to find journalist email addresses? Access my database of 300+ local, national and international media contacts. Find who you want to contact and simply send them an email about your business. Simple!

300+ Media Contacts

Learn from some of the business world's most experienced social media and marketing experts - in the membership we hold live masterclasses with experts that will help you build your brand (and answer questions that have been on your mind about how to market your business). 

Marketing Masterclasses

Everything you need to know about PR - from finding your story to targeting your ideal client, types of magazines and newspapers, developing an online presence, lead times, team structured and more! 

Get Started With PR - The Course


Be part of our private members-only Facebook group, where you will meet other business founders and get access to further training.

club facebook group


It can be difficult to navigate the world of media opportunities. Tailored media requests are shared that are handpicked to suit members of the Club community.

tailored media requests


I'm online regularly to help you with your PR. Drop-in to the online sessions and ask any PR questions that are on your mind. 

Work on it sessions


The bonuses

Let's not forget about

lucy @leaflanestudio

So excited that my stationery was featured in Stylist magazine's shopping section. My business is alongside so many wonderful brands and the buzz has been brilliant. Thank you!

“My business has been in Stylist Magazine since joining!”


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“I’ve celebrated consistent 10k months since working with Louise!”

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More about me

I'm a journalist turned PR Consultant and Writer. Using 10+ years of insider media experience, I helps business founders like you, use purposeful PR and marketing strategies to grow your brand. I'm a Masters qualified journalist, a commissioned non-fiction author, and has written for many high-profile publications including British Vogue. Join me in The PR and Marketing Club, so I can help you understand the media, build brand awareness and make more sales. 

as a trained journalist i know how the media works - lets share your business story together 

I'm Ann

hey there

learn from industry experts in marketing and social media to develop your skills

access the 'get started with pr' course to learn all the pr basics 

be able to copy and paste pitching templates to get started quickly

access my personal database of media contacts grown over 10+ years

In this membership, you will...

and of course --enjoy your postal delivery of a carefully selected business or self development book

Access media requests that are chosen for the businesses within the club

be part of our private facebook community of business founders

access live Q+A sessions where you can ask me anything about your pr

rosie hay

The club is exactly what I need. You've been so supportive Ann, and you've helped me learn at my own pace. I know have so much more confidence to shout about my product.

“You've given me the confidence to shout about my product”

sally gouldstone

I'm so grateful for all of your teaching and guidance. For anyone thinking of working with Ann, I highly recommend it. She's amazing! 

“There's no way I would have got this media coverage if I hadn't joined”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered



Absolutely – The PR and Marketing Club offers step-by-step support, right from the very start of your journey. In fact now is the perfect time for you to join the club; as you can access the lessons in your own time and at your own pace, plus you’ll also be able to get support and advice from within the community. 

Will I GET personalised HELP FOR MY BUSINESS?


Yes! You can ask questions and get advice, support and feedback any time. Plus you will be able to learn from the weekly live Q&A sessions, where you can ask questions. There are regular opportunities to get direct feedback for your business.



Anytime. I think you'll love the Club, but if for any reason your circumstances change and you decide the Club is not for you, you can easily cancel your membership.

See you in the Club

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