Everything you need to create a copy system that makes money on repeat.


Copy. Content. Whatever you want to call it. It feels like you’re writing it on repeat. For social media. For emails. For your website.

We all know it’s hard to write about yourself. But more importantly, it’s hard to know what to say to attract the right customers. The people who see the value in the thing you have to sell.

Every single part of your business involves words so writing persuasive copy is an essential skill, especially if you want to get noticed online and attract a long term flow of customers who love what you do. 

So wave goodbye to writer's block, just like Taylor Swift shakes off the haters. And say hello to penning copy that's as catchy as a chart-topping chorus.

On the hamster wheel of content creation?  

stop daydreaming about hiring an expert to tell you what to do. 

stop joining courses and programs that don't offer personalised feedback.

Stop downloading freebies that never share any practical information.

Stop piecing together robotic content from chat gpt without a strategy.

Got random freebies
sitting in your inbox?

you need a better way to sell your work but keep getting stuck. You know you need to...

If you've been looking for a sign to get your website, email and social copy sorted - then this is it.

Together we’re going to solve one of the biggest problems in your business - the lack of consistent sales. With a sustainable copywriting system in place, you’ll have tried and tested methods to convert visitors into paying customers.

Cohesive and integrated messaging across your business gives customers the feeling of trust they need to choose and recommend your brand. You will learn how to write genuine sales pages that convert browsers into buyers, an about page that truly captures your personality and how to introduce SEO into your copy to get found by search engines.

Keep reading to look inside The Academy.

The 1-2-1 program with personalised copy strategy.

Look inside The Copy Academy


the copy academy includes 6 modules plus a comprehensive template library.

Tune in to what your ideal client really wants, on a deeper level.
How to conduct customer research and ask the right questions.
Learn how to interview your clients to shape your messaging. 
Explore editing techniques to review and check your own work.

Learn how to leverage your tone of voice to write powerful and engaging copy that creates a connection between you and your ideal customer.

Copy Foundations

Module one

Create a lead magnet / free offer to grow your email list. 
Create funnels to help grow your email list, including quizzes. 
Learn about popular email sequences and what to write when.
Write launch emails that are authentic to your values.

Develop a email system that will nurture and monetise your email list, without weird sales tactics. Plus, stay in touch with your subscribers with automated systems that save you hours of admin time!

Launching & Funnels 

Module Two

Write an about page that is full of personality.
Write about client pain points without using scarcity tactics.
Introduce SEO into your copy to get found by search engines.
Understanding analytics and create a content library. 

Your website needs to inspire your ideal clients to take action. Conversion is your most important objective. Learn all about writing website copy that boosts your site and sales.

Website Copy & SEO 

Module three

Choose the right page format for your needs.
Write sales pages that convert browsers into buyers.
Address client pain points without using scarcity tactics.
Write your sales page using my authentic copy framework.

Develop sales pages that actually sell your thing! Learn how to write a sales page or landing page that encourages conversion using gentle persuasive copy techniques. 

Sales & Landing Pages

Module four

Learn about popular email sequences and what to write when.
Craft email newsletters that encourage subscribers to buy.
Write emails that are authentic to your values.
Create an email newsletter that grows your list every week.

Growing an email list should be one of your key priorities this year. Learn how to develop and grow a list of subscribers then write a regular newsletter in less than hour a week. 

Email Marketing 

Module five

Introduction to AI for copywriting - rules, ethics and prompts.
Write captions for social media that connect to your strategy.
Learn how to effectively repurpose and recycle content. 
Understand analytics and create a content library. 

Get ahead and let AI and automation take the weight off your shoulders, as we explore how to use new technologies to develop your copy craft, including social media captions.

Content Strategy & AI

Module six

personalised notes and video feedback to identify what works & what doesn't.

templates and copy and paste files to make real progress throughout.

a copy expert telling you how to write for your audience to make sales.

practical online learning and office hours to ask questions.

Here's what you get in a nutshell...

you need a better way to write copy but keep getting stuck. You know you need to...

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Send me an email hello@annfionamartin.com or a DM on Instagram @annfionamartin and I will be happy to answer your questions.

I have another question.

This is not like other programs where you are left alone without tangible support to put the learning in to practice. The best part is the personalised support you get from an expert with over a decade of writing experience. This is the only chance to work with me on a 1-2-1 basis without paying full copywriting rates which start at £500/day. 

how is this different to other programs?

I can afford to offer a 50% discount on the first round in exchange for your feedback as you go through the program. Simply, this means sharing things with me that you like, or things you don't like, so I can make sure you have the best possible experience. 

Why is there a 50% discount on the first round of the academy?

You will get personalised support to ensure you make progress. This means I will personally review your copy and provide you with recorded video feedback to help you improve and stay on track with the program. You will also have access to office hours to ask questions when they come up.

How Much 1-2-1 support do I get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

I've been developing my writing skills since childhood, and for over a decade, I've called it my profession. I'm a journalist who transitioned from the media world into copywriting. 

You name it, I've written about it. From architecture, to safety footwear, to luxury jewellery, to working with business owners around the world. The good news is I’ve never had an unhappy client. Edits to work, yes, but that happens, even to the pros!

Why? Because I have developed a copy system that works and attracts clients who connect with my words. You can do the same in The Copy Academy, 

I'm ann, copywriter and all round lover of words.

Your words matter

incase we haven't met before...

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Pay in two instalments


payment plan

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includes 50% discount


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