Stop being the world's best kept secret. Get a PR strategy and support from a media insider. 

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This PR Strategy Day is designed to give you all the tools and training you need to contact the media and share your story with more of your ideal clients. It's time to stop relying on social media to attract customers. Use PR to consistently grow your business and become the brand that everyone is talking about.

Lets fuel your PR outreach with focus and purpose, with clear, honest opinion that identifies the areas of your business that journalists would be interested in. Providing you with the tools, confidence and knowledge to push forwards with your PR outreach. This service allows an expert (that's me!) to create a PR content strategy specifically for your business.

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Your marketing plan needs a refresh and you want to add PR to the mix, knowing that it will further your reach and impact. 

marketing refresh


You're fed up of spending time on social media. You want to use PR to attract more of your ideal clients and widen your audience.

social fatigue


You want an expert to create a cohesive PR strategy with a practical planner that you can easily follow in your own time.

done for you


More about me

I help business founders navigate the world of PR, to proactively build and grow a long-lasting brand. Using 10+ years of insider media experience, my career as a journalist and writer paired with extensive PR experience, gives me the knowledge and expertise to create practical PR strategies that get results. Access media contacts that are relevant to your brand, join the community of independent businesses and receive weekly expert support to grow your business.

I help individuals, entrepreneurs, and business founders learn how to get featured in the media, through my membership, and 1-2-1 services. 

I'm Ann

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You know what they say - it helps to know the right people. I will identify media contacts that fit your business and share genuine ways to build connections with journalists to ensure you're at the forefront of their minds.

finding the right contacts and building connections with journalists 

Not got time for PR? Think again! Once you have a PR strategy in place your PR can be done in one hour a week. We will discuss how your PR outreach can fit into your weekly routine. 

planning your ongoing pr strategy so it's an easy part of your weekly routine

We will work together on a draft pitch for your business and I will send you a pitch template to personalise to ensure your pitch emails are in the best shape before they get sent out.

pitch writing and how to attract the journalists attention with your headline

Many pitches fail because the imagery is not right. But not yours! I will outline exactly which images work for the media and how you can ensure better chances of success with the right pictures.

the importance of imagery and image guidance for the best chance of success

There's no point pitching without a goal in mind. Together we will identify exactly which publications fit with your business values and ethos, and most importantly, the ones your customers are consuming.

Finding the right publications that align with your business and ideal client

Get the insider scoop (I am a journalist after all) about what journalists are really looking for and how you can lend your expertise to current and trending stories.

what journalists are really looking for and how you can tap in to current stories

Here's what we'll cover

get ready to learn about pr

Before our VIP day, I will send you a questionnaire to find out more about your business. 

This research will be used to prepare in advance to make the most of our time together. 

Our calls are recorded and you will receive the recordings afterwards to watch in your own time.

After our day together you will receive 1 month of direct messenger support to help your outreach.

How it works

investment: £1200

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ruth thomson

Ann helped me understand how to tell stories around my business and how to package them for the media. Thanks to her fantastic advice I have a collection of relevant stories and I feel confident pitching to journalists.

“I can now see a clear way forward with my business PR"

rebecca holmes

I assumed being featured in the media was not accessible to everyone, but I was wrong! Thanks to Ann, I can now confidently craft, word and follow-up a pitch. I'm amazed by how empowered I feel!

“As a topic PR felt confusing but you explain it so clearly"

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