Build awareness of your brand and attract more ideal clients.
Become more visible and share your business story.
Position you as an expert in your industry.
Build customer trust and confidence in your brand.
Grow your confidence as a business owner.
Share media coverage with your customers (and friends!)

Learning about PR will help you to...

Do Your Own PR is a self-paced course for business owners who want to use PR to build their brand.  

Do Your Own PR


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Lead times, article types and more! This course demystifies the media landscape and shares exactly what industry terms mean, allowing you to focus on pitching your story.

understand media jargon and how the media calendar works

Always wondered how to be a guest on a podcast? Wonder no more! In this course you will get the exact template I use to pitch myself and clients for podcast appearances.

confidently contact podcast hosts to share your expert knowledge 

Everyone has a story to tell. In this course you'll learn how to fine tune your story so you're sharing the most 'media-worthy' bits in a clear and concise way.

DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS STORY AND build brand awareness

Staring at a blank screen? Never get brain freeze again with these copy and paste pitch templates that you can lift and customise to suit your own business. 

always know what to say with copy and paste pitch templates

Never know what to say? We've got pitch training for that. Learn how to write a pitch that actually gives journalists want they want (and gets a reply!)

write pitch emails that journalists actually want to read

Imagine seeing your business mentioned in your favourite magazine. Or speaking on your favourite podcast. It's possible. Take your first steps and learn how PR works with this course training.


Grow Your Business With PR

you will learn how to

A series of pitch email templates will ensure you always know what to say! Copy and paste these templates to use in your day to day PR outreach.

pitch templates


Learn how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website with a bonus masterclass hosted by Pinterest expert Rachel Emma Waring. 

pinterest masterclass


When you complete the course you will receive a curated list of media contacts so you can email journalists and push forwards with your PR.

media contacts


The bonuses

Let's not forget about

lucy @leaflanestudio

So excited that my stationery was featured in Stylist magazine's shopping section. My business is alongside so many wonderful brands and the buzz has been brilliant. Thank you!

“My business has been in Stylist Magazine!”


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“I’ve celebrated consistent 10k months since working with Louise!”

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I'm a journalist turned PR Consultant and Copywriter. Using 10+ years of insider media experience, I help business founders like you, use purposeful PR and content strategies to grow your brand. I've written for many high-profile publications including British Vogue and Evening Standard. Join this course to learn from my experience. It's time to confidently contact the media, build awareness of your brand and attract more of your ideal customers.

as a trained journalist i know how the media works - lets share your business story together 

I'm Ann

hey there

rosie hay

This is exactly what I need. You've been so supportive Ann and you've helped me learn at my own pace. I now have so much more confidence to shout about my product.

“You've given me the confidence to shout about my product”

sally gouldstone

I'm so grateful for all of your teaching and guidance. For anyone thinking of working with Ann, I highly recommend it. She's amazing! 

“I would never have got this media coverage without you”

See what my clients have to say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered



Absolutely – this course offers step-by-step training, right from the very start of your journey. In fact now is the perfect time for you to join, as you can access the lessons in your own time and at your own pace. Each lesson is short and easy to action.

how long do i have to access the course?


You have access to this training for the lifetime of the course. All lessons are self-paced and you can work through them as quickly or slowly as you would like.

how is the course accessed?


The course is stored on an easy to navigate learning platform that you can view on your computer, tablet or phone. The course has a mixture of videos, images, text and audio files so that you can learn in a way that suits you best.

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