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#Journorequest is a social media hashtag used by journalists and bloggers.

Typically they are on a deadline and looking for help with an article or programme that they are actively working on.

Most used on Twitter, this hashtag provides an easy way to get your business in front of journalists, working on a story related to your industry.

Start your #journorequest search by doing the following:

Follow the ‘journorequest’ hashtag so that current requests appear on your home feed.

When you spot a request you think you can help with, simply tweet or email the journalist back with the information they have asked for.

The journalist might give instructions about how they like to be contacted – some say ‘DMs open’ meaning ‘please don’t email me, send me a direct message instead’.
Others often say ‘email in bio’ which is self explanatory.

In your reply explain the basic facts about why your story is relevant.

If you’re serious about using the journo request hashtag as part of your PR strategy then you need to approach it with a long term view. It’s likely that lots of the requests posted will not be directly relevant for your business. But, like with many good things in business, you only need one to find success!

If you add a journorequest search to your daily workflow then it will become habit and will pay off, but patience is key.

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